Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chapter Twenty-nine: The "BLOGGA SAGA" otherwise known as SISTER MYSTERIES Is Still in Pause Mode...BECAUSE>>>>>>>>>


Read Seeing Red, and you will be transported to the warm and sunny South of Spain! Flamenco music and sunshine and vast beaches and Moorish castles and spectacular churches and dazzling palaces and so much wine and all those incredible flowers --

Yesterday, I said I was taking a break in this blogga-saga that I am writing, otherwise known as Sister Mysteries/Castenata, in order to clarify -- for my SISTER HOLLY -- what was going on.

Today, please forgive me, but this break must continue because...



Box after box of gorgeous new books have arrived, stacks of books, all so shiny and RED, they are finally here!

And so even though snow has been falling steadily outside the window all day long --

and the backyard has all but disappeared --

I am not


Seeing Red.

This is where I get to sell books the old-fashioned way, between paper covers. This is where you the reader can take a break not only from Sister Mysteries, but also, from the dead white of winter here in the Northeast.

Treat yourself to a copy of Seeing Red, and you'll take a journey into the wildly beautiful region of southern Spain known as Andalucía, where Ronda Cari goes searching for her flamenco guitarist-lover Jésus Becerra -- whose eyes are the color of "melted chocolate." Jésus has gone missing somewhere in southern Spain and Ronda is convinced something terrible has happened to him.

What happens to HER on this journey is quite wonderful!

What happens to YOU reading this book is quite wonderful too!

You feel like you are traveling across Spain with Ronda (she actually has a driver, and that's another story!)

If you haven't been to Andalucía -- I went to research the book -- it is quite spectacularly beautiful and it is warm and so so romantic -- with flamenco music and sunshine and Moorish castles and spectacular churches and cathedrals and dazzling tiled palaces -- remember the Alhambra? -- and vast numbers of white sandy beaches and gargantuan caves and oh what food!

Paella and tapas and gazpacho and garlic soup (amazing!) and THE most incredible wines, very cheap wines -- we got one amazing bottle of red when we went, for 75 cents! And the flowers -- flowers galore, bright purple bougainvillea and blood red geraniums and hibiscus of every color, and all kinds of other flowers, too,
flowers growing everywhere you turn!

Do keep in mind the fact that buying Seeing Red, is a whole lot cheaper than taking a trip to Spain would be!

I hope you will take a peek at the book and consider buying a copy today! It's a sexy Spanish adventure, it's a love story but so much more!

How does a woman discover the artist buried inside her? How does she come to realize, finally, that she has the power to make herself happy? In "Seeing Red," Ronda Cari spends half a lifetime searching for true love, and then she discovers it, in the magic of her own dancing!

Please join us at a flamenco-book-art party at The Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza, on Western Avenue in Albany, New York, on Sunday, February 6th, at 3 p.m., when Seeing Red author Claudia Ricci joins flamenco guitarist Maria Zemantauski (whose CD "Seeing Red" inspired the book!) and visual artist Kellie Meisl (whose astonishing image "Shattered Cups" graces the cover of the book). Come have a glass of sangría and toast this unique "collaborARTive" event -- a celebration of three women working hard to support each other's art!

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